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Lucid Dreaming - A Dream In Which You Are Aware You're Dreaming!

Dreams have always been a fascinating instrument for mankind and have oftentimes served as a foundation for various scientific discoveries and inventions.

The reason behind dreaming still remains a mystery to modern science. It gives a certain shape to our lives and greatly impacts the way we view the people around us. But once we begin to explore our dreams, we click into our inner wisdom and subconsciousness for the guidance we had been looking for our whole life

Helps Overcome Fear & Anxiety
Learn New Real-Life Skills
Improves Health & Quality of Sleep
Improve Brain Function & Learn New Skills
Cultivating Self-Awareness & Open-Mindedness
Spiritual Growth
Encourage Spiritual Growth & Healing

Dream Herbs - Have The Potential To Improve Your SLEEP, DREAMS, & AWARENESS Inside The Dream World!

What Is A Lucid Dream?

A lucid dream is a type of dream in which the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming while dreaming. During a lucid dream, the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, or environment.

Scientifically Proven?

Lucid dreaming has been studied and reported for many years. Prominent figures from ancient to modern times have been fascinated by lucid dreams and have sought ways to better understand their causes and purpose. Indeed, the researchers concluded that this justifies the classification of lucid dreams as a new and separate state of consciousness.

Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming.

A fully lucid dream can generate seemingly impossible levels of self awareness - such as 360-degree vision, multiple simultaneous dreams, and even visual representations of the fifth dimension. No laws. No boundaries. No limitations. Anything you can conceive of comes true. 

Not Just A Fantasy Playground

Lucid dreaming is a chance to interact with other parts of your psyche and even your co-conscious inner self. It’s possible to interpret a lucid dream, just like you would with a normal dream. Dream interpretation can help you understand the relevance of your dreams.

Supercharge Your Dream Recall

Many people use a dream journal, or dream diary, to aid lucid dreaming. Writing down your dreams forces you to recall them. Writing them down each day will gradually help to form more concrete memories. After all, what good is a lucid dream if you can’t remember it? 

Herbs For Lucid Dreaming

Our tinctures are a carefully chosen selection of pure herbs that have been extracted in alcohol into a potent 3:1 tincture. Herbal Tinctures are a highly effective way to deliver the healing power of herbs to the body and mind. We use only organic plants, flowers and herbs to create herbal blends to support your physical and mental health.

Specially Crafted Herbs - For A Unique Lucid Dreaming Tincture

Ancient herbs and roots have been used for thousands of years to calm erratic nerves and treat insomnia, as well as prophetic divination through dreams, out-of-body experiences, and to consciously awaken you during dream states.

Blue Lotus (Nymphaea Caerulea)

For connecting to your guides, safely guided through the dream realm, Relaxant, Invoking calm when lucid.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

A well known lucid dream herb, it is also said to be a very protective feminine energy and helps you 'fly' in the dream realm

Vervain (Verbena Officinalis)

Used in ceremony to bring up things for us to deal with and allow us to have a reassuring feeling of safety, used for prophecy and guidance.

Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba)

The oldest tree. The tree of knowledge and wisdom as used for meditation and discovered by monks. It is well known for memory and recall and brain function, it can help recall dreams to put them straight in your dream diary!

Burdock (Arctium Lappa)

This herb works with the toxins in the liver and aids the digestion, things that may be stuck that need to be processed, Burdock was traditionally used in a dreaming sense to convert negative dreams into positive dream experiences. The great blood purifier.

Directions For Use

How often you take our Lucid dreaming Tincture is entirely up to you. its a great way to support your immune system, promoting sleep and deep relaxation, can helps your concentration or even improve emotional well-being.

Simply use 5ml just before bedtime, can be increased to 7.5ml, you can add it to a glass of water or any nightime tipple.. or the best way is straight on its own.

This may be used during the day in small doses of 2.5 ml 3 times daily. This will also invoke feelings of calm , and aid the nervous system in getting into rest and digest and act as an anti tensive. As well as a bit of love for the liver 

You Can Add To A Glass Of Water
Or You Can Use Under The Tongue
Or Try Adding It To Your Nightime Snack etc

Just Some Of The Many Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming:

Decrease Nightmares

While occasional nightmares are normal, recurring nightmares can be taxing. They can interfere with consistent quality sleep. Frequent nightmares usually affect people with: stress, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, sleep disorders, like narcolepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), medication, substance abuse. Lucid dreaming could provide relief by reducing recurring nightmares.

Creative Power Of The Mind

In a lucid dream, you are the sole creator of your world. By waking up within the dream, you can explore the power of your mind to change your world. You can change a tree into a flower, a boat into a car, a house into a lake. You can literally learn how to change your mind. Then you take that insight and apply it to your daily life. You learn how to change bad states of mind into good ones, lousy moods into cheery ones, because you’re learning that you are the creator of your personal experienc

Cultivates Greater Awareness

That’s what lucidity really means—being more aware. Becoming aware of the fact that you’re dreaming means that you’re extending awareness into the dream state. This awareness is a heightened sensitivity of the contents of your own mind (what else is a dream made of?). By becoming increasingly aware of your mind when you dream, you’re also becoming more aware of its contents while awake. It’s the same awareness manifesting in two different states of consciousness. And what doesn’t improve with increased awareness?

Enhance Your Motor Skills

Visualising physical movements can increase the actual ability to do them. This may be done during a lucid dream, where the dreamer can mentally practice motor skills.When you perform motor skills while dreaming, your brain’s sensorimotor cortex activates. This is the part of the brain that controls movement. Lucid dreaming could help physical rehabilitation for people with physical disabilities. It may also benefit people without physical disabilities by improving sports performance and other motor skills.

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