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Imagine if taking a golden supplement could actually make you smarter. That’s what we set out to explore and found in this study, where it looked at the effects of colloidal gold – tiny particles of gold suspended in liquid – on brain power.

The study asked people aged between 15 and 45 to try it out, checking their smarts before and after a month of taking a daily gold dose, and even a little while after they stopped. Guess what? On average, everyone got smarter, showing a 20% jump in their IQ scores!

Breaking It Down

So, what’s this all about? Well, the study used something called the I.Q. test to measure how our brain handles different tasks, like solving puzzles or understanding words. The test used, known as the WAIS-R, is a good way to see if someone might do well in school or other areas of life. Before now, some people thought taking colloidal gold made them feel sharper, but no one had really checked to see if it actually worked. This study decided to find out.

They Did It

They made a special gold water mix and gave it to five people over four weeks. Then, they used the I.Q. test to see if their brain skills got better. And to make sure they weren’t just seeing things, they checked their scores in a way that makes sure the changes were real.

They Found

Everyone did better on their tests, both in answering questions and solving problems. And for some, these brain boosts lasted up to two months after they stopped taking the gold.

So, What Does This Mean?

The study shows that colloidal gold might just be a safe bet for giving our brains a little extra edge. The cool part? Everyone’s scores went up by about the same amount, whether they were word wizards or puzzle pros. Since this was a small test, we’re thinking of diving deeper, seeing if this gold trick works for more people and if there’s a best amount to take.

The Golden Conclusion

In simple terms, our peek into the world of colloidal gold and brain power is pretty exciting. It looks like this shiny supplement could help us think faster and sharper, and we’re eager to explore more about how it can help us all be a bit brighter.

Want More Details?

For those who are curious and want to dive deeper into our golden adventure, all the nitty-gritty details of the experiment are just a click away. Check out the full experiment here.