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Ormus Gold is a powerful substance comprised of precious metals—such as gold, platinum, and iridium. This substance comes in the form of a pure white powder, and may be referenced as Monoatomic Gold, White Powder Gold, or Manna. The compounds found in Ormus Gold are fascinating, as these precious metals are not held in a structured metal state. The atoms within this substance are unbound, and hold the ability to offer essential minerals to the body, unlike any other states of which these compounds are found.

You may be asking, “What are the benefits of consuming Ormus?”. Ormus Gold holds many unique benefits that other supplements cannot offer. This substance promotes cellular rejuvenation on all levels, which enhances the health within every system of the body. Ormus Gold does not only offer physical health, this amazing supplement enhances spiritual awareness and connection. Health is drawn from physical vitality alongside spiritual wellness. Read further, for a closer look into the extraordinary benefits that this astounding substance has to offer.

Improves Your Quality Of Sleep

Ormus gold has the ability to strengthen the pineal gland. When this gland operates at peak health—its abilities to produce more hormones, such as Melatonin, increases. Melatonin must be produced naturally within the body in order for you to truly benefit from it. Low melatonin levels hinders your ability to have healthy sleeping patterns. There are many factors that affect our Melatonin levels, such as diet, electronic blue-light exposure, and stimulants.  Increasing and re-balancing this hormone helps you achieve deep, restful, states of sleep.

Helps Improve Your Mood

As stated previously, Ormus gold promotes the function of the pineal glad. Along with melatonin, this gland is responsible for the body’s production of Serotonin—which is the hormone that allows us to feel happiness and joy. When our serotonin levels are out of balance, we may experience mental disorders—such as anxiety and depression. Ormus restores the pineal gland which allows it to rebalance serotonin levels and improve your mood and sense of well-being. The pineal gland is referred to as the “seat of the soul”, and as this gland’s health and function is restored, so is our connection to our soul.

Helps Detoxing The Mind & Body

Our bodies are constantly coming into contact with environmental pollutants and toxins. Poor food choices, products containing toxic chemicals, and environmental factors, can negativity affect our health. Ormus’s powerful composition helps purify the body and allow detoxification to take place. This product aids in removing fungus, parasites, and other pathogens from the body—which can be detrimental to our health if left untreated.

Speed UP The Healing Process

As we age, our cells lose their agility to regenerate. As a results, wounds and injuries make take longer to heal—or experience complications in recovery. Physical aging is also expedited as our cells being losing proper function. Ormus boosts cellular regeneration, helping wounds and injuries to heal quickly, and allows the body to recover more efficiently. This product also promotes anti-aging, as our cell’s power to regenerate increases by using Ormus.

Access To Untapped Awareness

Ormus helps strengthen the connection between yourself and your soul’s energy. This connection allows you to access higher information, consciousness, and states of being. Similar to other substances, such as ayahuasca or Psilocybin mushrooms, Ormus creates a pathway to altered states of consciousness. This substance allows you to have a greater awareness and understanding of the world around you, and of the world within yourself.

There Are Unlimited Ormus Benefits

While these are most of the impressive benefits that Ormus offers, research is still discovering the full potential that this substance contains. Positive moods, restful sleep, healing, and spiritual connection are just the beginning of what’s possible by incorporating Ormus into your life.

Balancing Your Brain Hemisphere

The two sides of our brains influence different characteristics and traits. Left-dominant individuals are very analytical and objective—while right-dominant individuals are more creative and intuitive. Operating from a one-sided dominance creates an imbalance within your power to access all of your abilities. Ormus promotes balance within the brain hemisphere, allowing you to experience wholeness. This brain-balance hyper-charges your focus, learning capabilities, creativity, and reasoning.