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What if I could tell you that I am going to change your existing perception of gold? Take a chill pill, and let me explain. When asked where gold comes from, the majority will reply it is mined, extracted from seawater, or panned for flakes in a stream. However, gold’s true origin predates the Earth’s genesis.

It’s been believed by scientists that a certain sort of energy is required to make gold. That energy is only obtained by the collision and explosion of neutron stars (cores of collapsed massive stars). And that’s the reason why nuclear fusions within the sun for the formation of planets couldn’t make this element. 

All the gold found on earth is remains of dead neutron stars but with some extraordinary energies. Yes, right! It’s that old and precious. 

When earth came into being, elements such as gold, iron, etc., tried to go down the oceans in the earth’s crusts because of asteroid attacks and its heavy nature. 

When People Started Using Gold?

Early in times, jewelry was the primary use of gold, but later, when people learned about its unique spiritual and health benefits, they started using it as a cure for many diseases. 

Gold was first used medicinally and for healing purposes in Alexandria, Egypt. Over 5 thousand years ago, the Egyptians used gold to cleanse their minds, bodies, and spirits. The ancients thought that gold stimulated life energy and raised the body’s vibration on all levels.

Egyptian alchemists presented the concept that gold was a supernatural metal that embodied matter’s perfection and that its presence in the body would invigorate, rejuvenate, and cure a wide variety of ailments, as well as restore youth and perfect health.

Since 700 BC, gold has been used in dentistry. Those who were called “dentists” by the Etruscans used gold wire to attach replacement teeth to their patient’s mouths.

Health Benefits of Gold

As gold is the heart of the earth, let’s discuss some fantastic health benefits that gold offers are;

Wound Healing

In modern times, the antioxidant properties of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs), epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), and -lipoic acid (ALA) have been demonstrated by scientists, and that could aid wound healing.

Gold is believed to relax blood arteries, allowing for a more unrestricted blood flow. This increase in circulation helps control oxygen levels in the body, which aids in healing.

Since the discovery of gold’s healing qualities in the early Middle Ages, the metal has been used to treat discomfort and wounds in its natural state. When applied to a sore area or a wound, the early users of gold recognized that this natural material inhibited infection and helped in the healing process.

Regulation of Body Temperature 

A person’s immune system benefits from a constant temperature. Fluctuation in body temperature affects the immune system. Many people suffer from chills, excessive sweating, and low blood pressure. For instance, women going through menopause get hot flushes. Gold is the simplest solution for such issues since it regulates body temperature naturally.

Helps in Regeneration of Cells

The atoms in the gold vibrate on the skin, providing warm and relaxing vibrations that aid in the regeneration of cells in the body. New cells with better functioning help in better task performance. 

Have you ever heard of 24 karat gold serum? Numerous skincare and beauty products contain gold as an ingredient. Gold has also been used as a topical treatment for numerous skin conditions such as eczema, fungal infections, skin rash, wounds, burns, and other similar conditions.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Life is not easy, and sometimes it feels like everything in this world is against us. Mood swings worsen your day, and you can’t help yourself, but depression covers your mind. 

However, wearing gold jewelry or eating colloidal gold might help you overcome such unpleasant moods. Gold is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also enhances one’s confidence.

Because of the supernatural energies of the gold particles, you feel more at ease interacting with others and expressing yourself. Thus, gold promotes emotional well-being and acts as a stress reliever, which everyone can benefit from nowadays.


Since gold repairs cells and promotes the regeneration of new cells, it is anti-aging. It helps in preventing a massive number of chronic diseases. It keeps your brain active and working every time. On top of that, there are no side effects of colloidal gold either. It’s 100 percent safe to use. 

Colloidal Gold

When metallic gold is split into fine particles, and the particles are suspended in solution permanently, the mineral is called Colloidal Gold which shows novel features due to the increased gold surface area available.

As early as Michael Faraday’s experiment with activated gold in 1885, colloidal gold was known in the United States for its therapeutic effects. Colloidal gold is reddish, but environmental fluctuations may change it to yellow as well. Colloidal gold is tasteless like water. 

Intake of colloidal gold is very beneficial since it’s an activated version of gold. Colloidal gold offers all the functions of gold in an enhanced and better manner, regardless of how it is consumed or applied externally.

Spiritual Benefits of Gold

Gold is thought to have a spiritual force that infuses positively into the lives of those who use it on a daily basis. It can help you feel less agitated and depressed, as well as calmer. Gold encourages good thinking, discourages negative vibes, and emits a warm energy that calming affects the body.

The more we stay positive, the better our connection with God builds. Gold enhances focus and helps us in meditation. In conditions where people feel no confidence in themselves, gold helps in boosting their confidence. 

Gold has a significant impact on the family as well. Gold strengthens bonds between members of a family. It keeps the negative energies away from the house.

Modern Benefits of Gold 

Apart from being a natural and non-toxic mineral, gold is easily tolerated by the human body since it exhibits no reactions with any drug. 

Gold’s medical uses have dramatically emerged in recent years. It’s utilized in surgery to repair blood arteries, nerves, bones, and membranes that have been damaged. 

It’s also used to treat several chronic cancer forms. Prostate cancer in men can be slowed down by injecting tiny gold pellets. Colloidal gold is used to treat ovarian cancer in women, and gold vapor lasers assist in finding and destroying malignant cells without damaging their healthy neighbors. 

In a regular desktop or laptop pc, gold is employed in a variety of areas. A practical and dependable conductor is required for the speedy and correct transmission of digital information via the computer and from one component to another. Gold surpasses all other metals in meeting these criteria. The high expense is justified by the importance of good quality and consistent performance.

Gold is used in aerospace circuitry because it is an excellent conductor and connector. It is also used as a lubricant in heavy aerospace machinery. 


Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if Gold disappeared tomorrow? Research shows that people would start losing teeth if Gold disappeared all of a sudden. There will be more negative energies and an uncomfortable and tragic environment. So, it’s proved that Gold is an essential mineral in human lives.