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Most in the field attribute David Radius Hudson as the creator of the name “Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements” or ORME for short.

Beginning in 1995, Mr. Hudson began to publicly discuss his findings and research, referencing the works of Zecharia Sitchin [1], Anunnaki, Tree of Life, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Alchemy, Immanuel Velikovsky, Superconductivity, Ark of the Covenant, Adam’s Family and Laurence Gardner [2]. Additionally, many researchers are intrigued by the ORMUS, which is thought to consist of two (or more) atoms of the precious metals, instead of just the mono-atomic ORME.

At the International Forum on New Science in 1995 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Mr. Hudson gave a presentation of his research and efforts over the years. This presentation serves as a great starting point to the study of the ORME and its far-reaching effects. His story is worth delving into and this is just the beginning.


I purchased gold and silver as a shield against inflation, and then began to obtain natural gold from former mine sources. It was a successful combination with farming, as I was able to evade Uncle Sam’s taxation and still build my wealth. Extracting gold with the cyanide process was similar to leaching salt out in the farming process. This was more of a pastime than an occupation, and I didn’t expect to make money with it. I just had a great time doing it.

In my attempt to recover gold and silver, I started to encounter something else that was causing the losses of the precious metals. The issue was so severe that the gold and silver would not be salvaged. This prompted me to shut down the process to identify the problem material. Since I was not a physicist or a chemist, I did not know what the substance was. Despite this, it had the specific gravity of gold and silver, and it would flow out of the molten lead like it was gold and silver. However, when I put pressure on the lead, there was no gold or silver. The mining community calls this “ghost gold”, a type of gold that cannot be identified or quantified.

I was then exposed to the field of emission spectroscopy (ES) and the research done by the Soviet Academy of Sciences. ES necessitates a carbon electrode, with the sample placed on the electrode, and a second carbon electrode above it. When an arc is created, the elements ionize and radiate distinct luminescence. This is referred to as spectroscopic analysis. The electrode is burned away after about 10-15 seconds and American Spectroscopists assert that all elements can be identified and observed during this brief period.

For three years, I had been searching for ways to eliminate Iron, Silicon, and Aluminum from my sample, with 98% of the material still intact. Once we brought the sample to Cornell University and exposed it to X-Ray Analysis, which included Cumming Microscopy, Diffraction Microscopy, Fluorescent Microscopy, and five other technologies, the Ph.D. there still identified the presence of Fe, Si, and Al. After attempting to eliminate them all, the Ph.D. declared that the sample was “pure nothing.” I disagreed, as I could still touch, weigh, and perform chemistries with it – it had to be something. This prompted me to recall that the Soviet Academy of Sciences had suggested burning the sample in an emission spectroscopic analysis for 300 seconds, not just 15.

I sheathed the electrode with an inert gas, Argon, to keep the oxygen away to prevent the carbon from oxidizing. By utilizing a high-temperature material, I was able to achieve a duration of 300 seconds. When the arc was struck, there was not much of a reading for 15 seconds, apart from “electronic grass”, Iron, Silicon, Aluminum, and the occasional Calcium trace. Subsequently, the material went silent.

Sonoluminescence requires Argon gas due to its crystalline structure, which is similar to Rhodium and Iridium.

After 90 seconds, Palladium (Pd) started reading; 110 seconds later, Platinum (Pt) followed; at 130 seconds, Ruthenium (Ru) began; between 140-150 seconds, Rhodium stepped in; Iridium took its turn at 190 seconds; and Osmium kicked off at 220 seconds. This phenomenon is referred to as fractional vaporization by the Russians. For example, when a container with water is made of iron, the temperature of the iron cannot be raised beyond the boiling point of the water as long as it is there. This is the logic behind engine cooling systems and why engines don’t become too hot as long as there is water present. But when all the water has disappeared, the temperature quickly rises up to the melting point of the iron.

Any combination that undergoes a change in its phase will remain at the temperature of the transition until the process is done. Calcium boils at 1420°C, Iron melts at 1535°C, Silicon melts at 2355°C and Aluminum’s boiling point is 2327°C. Palladium has a boiling point higher than 2200°C; Rhodium’s is 2500°C, Ruthenium’s boiling point is 4150°C, Platinum’s is 4300°C, Iridium’s is beyond 4800°C, and Osmium’s is greater than 5300°C. Silver has a boiling temperature of 1950°C and Gold’s is 2600°C.

The emission from each element was observed to be in a sequence based on the temperatures at which they boiled. The peak temperature in the center of the DC arc was estimated to be in the range of 5450 to 5500 oC. Since the sample was slightly removed from the center, the heat energy was used to boil the elements one by one, in the order of their boiling points. This process was observed to occur as if there were no other elements present in the sample.

For 2 and a half years, I continually compared my sample to standard samples, and the astonishing result was that the commercially acquired samples of the rare metals gave a reading within 15 seconds when placed in the emission spectroscopic DC arc, as if they were able to comprehend the entire measurement.

It begins with a period of silence until, after 90 seconds, the readings resume. However, this is not the complete sample as the majority of the readings take place at the conclusion. Those who purchase these samples and conduct readings are only accessing 15-20% of the sample and mistakenly assuming it is the entire sample. This is not the appropriate standard as short burn times will not suffice.

The Soviet Academy of Sciences and Johnson-Mathewe-Inglehart possess the ability to extract all of the world’s precious metals. In South Africa, the best deposit yields only one-third of an ounce of precious metals per ton of ore. This ore must be extracted from deep in the ground, with a narrow seam of material only 18 inches wide. However, our team is capable of deriving much more from one ton of ore – 6-8 ounces of Palladium, 12-13 ounces of Platinum, 150 ounces of Osmium, 250 ounces of Ruthenium, 600 ounces of Iridium, and 1200 ounces of Rhodium!!

A renowned chemist and spectroscopy professional verified the validity of the colors of the solutions, the oxidation potentials and the physical properties. An analytical chemist, for instance, would look at Rhodium to illustrate. This specific element produces a crimson, reddish salt, which is how it acquired its moniker – from the rosy salt – and it is the only element to generate this hue. Very distinctive.

To separate Rhodium from its solution, bromide is utilized as the oxidizing agent. Then the acid must be neutralized, and the hydroxide will precipitate out. After filtering and drying the product, it is then oxidized and hydrogen reduced in order to acquire the metal. But the pure Rhodium solution was neutralized to acquire a red-brown dioxide, which was subsequently filtered and dried, and then heated in a tube furnace at 850 degrees for an hour to dehydrate it into a red-brown dioxide. Following this, the gray powder was put back into the tube furnace and hydrogen reduced, turning it into a snow white powder by heating it at 1000 degrees under argon. (Standard procedure).

A commercial spectroscopic business conducted an analysis of three samples and detected Iron, Aluminum, Silicon and Calcium. There was no uniformity between the trials, despite all of them being the same material, which was 99.9% pure Rhodium in various stages of production.

The product sold as RhCl3 is actually Rh12Cl36, which still contains metal-metal bonds. Even if the Chlorine is removed, the metal bonds remain intact. If the Rhodium is reduced to a monatomic state, HRhCl4 is produced. When the Chloride is taken away from this, HRh (Hydrogen Rhodide) emerges. This compound is -1, unlike a +1 and has physical characteristics that are akin to an Iodide.

When gold is in its monatomic form, it is a green hue. However, when used as a metal, it is the more recognizable yellow color. Unfortunately, monatomic gold is not commercially available. But it is much more potent than its metal form, functioning as a fuel cell. Boiling gold will not lead to monatomic gold. Gold has an electron structure of 5d and 6s1 (similar to Sodium, Potassium, Hydrogen, and Lithium), and is thus reactive. The reaction is between gold and gold.

Down in the depths of the earth, in the volcanoes, monatomic gold is being generated. Of the gold that emerges, 98% is monatomic and 2% is metal. So, Hudson may not be making the monatomic gold, but rather sifting it. We have experimented with the yellow gold, changing it, yet it always reverted to its original form. Yet when we obtained the monatomic gold, it never reverted to yellow and had none of the metal traits of yellow gold.

By employing thermo-gravimetric analysis to create monatomic gold, a gray-black Hydrogen Auride (HAu) is formed. When heated, the proton is taken away, in the same way Amorphous Silicon (Silane to Amorphous Silicon) is produced. This results in a snow white powder and a 4/9th reduction in weight. If the material is turned back into metal, its weight is regained. Additionally, as the material is further annealed, it will levitate and take the pan with it. In the cooling process, it will sometimes swell to over double its original weight, while in the heating process, it may weigh less than nothing.

The white powder form is the only one in which this takes place. The mass, however, has never vanished. As one gets nearer to absolute zero in the cooling process of the material, it will cause it to lose weight and become a superconductor.

A superconductor has one wavelength, vibration, or frequency, much like a laser. It does not permit a voltage potential within it, but it has perfect amperage. To connect wires with regular current to the superconductor and to release the electrons off the wire, voltage is necessary. The vibrational frequency of the electrons in the wire must be altered to match that of the superconductor so they can be removed.

Electrons entering the superconductor must pair up, meaning a particle going forward in time must be matched with one going backward. As soon as they join, they become light, and any quantity of light can exist within the superconductor; it doesn’t fill any space-time. The only way to demonstrate it is a superconductor is by measuring the Meissner field, which is the only non-polar field. Superconductivity is affected by magnetic fields and the Earth’s magnetic field is the strongest.

A superconductor has the capability to detect the thoughts in an individual’s brain. When a person consumes something sweet or tart, distinct areas of their brain will be illuminated – all thanks to a superconductor.

The white powder is incredibly sensitive to magnetic fields, as it can lose 4/9th of its weight and still be able to float on the earth’s field. This is possible due to the current flowing through it, and even a human hand has enough amperage to achieve the same effect. Not only that, but all eight precious metals, Copper, Cobalt, and Nickel are also capable of this. This led to 11 patents being filed.

Back in 1990, my uncle brought the Time-Life Book, Secrets of the Alchemist to my attention. Despite having no interest in Alchemy, I wanted to gain further knowledge on physics and chemistry. The book discussed a mysterious “white powder of gold”. It seems that the purpose of the alchemist was to manufacture this “white powder of gold” in order to create “the container of the light of life”. It was said that if one was to stand in its presence, they would never age, and if they partook of it, they would live forever. Reluctantly, I decided to read the book.

I’ve gone through around 500 works regarding alchemy and its background and it appears that Enoch was the originator of it all. He was known under various names such as Thoth, Hermes and Trigeminus and attained ascension by consuming the ‘white drops’. He didn’t die since he was already perfect and instead experienced ascension.

I encountered substantial studies being done in utilizing precious elements to treat cancer. It has been noticed that these elements are able to interact with a cell through either a vibrational frequency or a light transfer and can subsequently rectify any defects in the DNA. This makes the cells of our bodies perfect. Nevertheless, the element which goes into our bodies is not a metal, but rather an element. Therefore, there is no danger of heavy metal poisoning. If it is ingested, the white flour just passes through our digestive system, and it will not cause any harm.

I obtained samples of brain tissue from both a pig and a cow, then conducted an analysis. The organic material was destroyed, and a metals analysis was done. To my surprise, the findings showed that over 5% of the brain tissue by dry matter weight was composed of Rhodium and Iridium. This is not information that is well known, as the elements cannot be directly measured. These elements are actually responsible for the life-giving light in our bodies. The U.S. Naval Research has published four papers that demonstrate that cells communicate with one another through a process identical to superconductivity, yet the actual physical mechanism remains a mystery.

Atoms are stealthy, existing within our bodies, yet impossible to detect by means of instrumental analysis. This is a phenomenon that has been recorded in literature since 1986, when top physicists from the Niels Bohr Institute, Argonne National Laboratory and Brookhaven all discovered a group of elements within the center of the Periodic Table which exhibit a peculiar state of existence.

My patents were put in first before the majority of the documents were published starting in 1988. Research has uncovered that the nuclei of these components were not in their usual form, instead they were in a high spin state. It is believed that the high spin state is a superconductor because the atoms can move energy from one to the other with no energy dissipation.

What runs through our bodies is the light of life. This light is a single wavelength, but it is actually a null light, which consists of two mirror images that seem to cancel each other out. This null wave is imperceptible, but it is what creates the Meissner field of superconductivity that surrounds us.

Our bodies contain what we call junk DNA, with 30 sections of it that remain a mystery. We only employ 15% of our brain, so why is the other 85% there? It is almost as if we were once in a state of enlightened understanding, but have since descended to our current state.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani, written by Budge, is one of the oldest books of the dead, dating back to Old Kingdom Egypt around 3500 B.C.E. It was found in the tomb of Pepi II and contains the phrase, “What is it?”. The Hebrews, who were the artisans and metallurgists of Egypt, left with Baalzelael, the goldsmith and Moses, who prepared the bread of the presence of God and the Melchizedek priest. In Hebrew, the phrase “What is it?” translates to manna. This same phrase was used in Old Kingdom Egypt during the reign of Pepi II, c. 2300 to 2210 (traditional dating), or 1720 to 1630 (Immanuel Velikovsky’s dating).

The Bible states that Moses explained to the Hebrews that due to their lack of observance of the covenant, the manna would be taken away from them, however, it would return in the end times. This meant that everyone would be high priests, not just an elect few. This is a reference to the naturally occurring elements of Rhodium and Iridium found in the human body. This is the food, the light, that we take in.

If you ask a Rabbi, they would most likely know of the white powder of gold, but it has been lost since the destruction of the First Temple of Solomon. Although it wasn’t completely lost, the high priests when they left the temple when it was destroyed, went out on the desert and formed a commune called Qumran. According to The Dead Seas Scrolls Uncovered [Eisement and Wise], it was known as “The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus” when it was mixed in water in ancient times. It was also called “That which issues from the mouth of the creator” which was not the word of God, but the spittle or the semen of the father in heaven. When added to water, the white powder won’t dissolve but forms a gelatinous suspension that looks like a vial of semen. This is something a farmer would be familiar with.

To ready oneself, much like a bride in the bridal chamber, purifying and cleansing so that one may be prepared for the Father in heaven to inseminate them. This is a process of regeneration, allowing for each individual cell to return to the way it was when one was a child or teen. This perfects the DNA and allows the light to flow until the light body has surpassed the physical body.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that a physical body needs to be nourished to reach its full potential. However, they also said that the spirit body, or ‘ka’, also needs to be fed in order to grow as it is meant to. Sadly, most people are not providing this nourishment for their ka. Without it, it will remain stunted, never reaching its full potential. They believed that the ka should be fed with the “semen of the Father in Heaven” in order to develop and become enlightened. When this happens, the light body will surpass the physical body, and the individual will be able to light up the room when they enter.

The accompanying gifts of this are perfect telepathy, the ability to distinguish between good and evil, the capacity to transmit one’s thoughts into another’s mind, and the power to levitate and walk on water. Additionally, by eliminating external magnetic fields and gravity, one can become a fifth-dimensional being, allowing them to disappear and go to a place of their choosing. Furthermore, one can heal with their hands and bring back life to the dead within two or three days of their passing. Lastly, one’s energy is so strong that when embracing someone, they can restore light and energy to them.

It appears to be quite extraordinary. Most organizations are not generally receptive to this.

Considering what this material can do, let us make use of it. I’m still not done with all of it, however, the miracle is that it has cured every disease we have tried it on thus far. We began with a small amount of 2 mg (32,000 mg in an ounce) and have gone up to 50 mg — over a span of 60 to 90 days, this has been found to heal cancer, AIDS. It’s the light that mends itself. You all understand this, right?

Christ instructed his disciples, “Do not come near me, I am not wearing my earthly clothing.” They questioned, “When will we behold you once more?” He answered, “When you have acquired the suitable sustenance and are wearing the appropriate clothing.” What is this appropriate food? It is the nourishment of the angels, the dish of the gods, the manna, the “What is it?” The suitable apparel is the garment of Or, the Meissner field (what science calls it). And in literal terms, it is approximately one thousand times more than what you have currently.

The incredible aspect of superconductors is that they do not have to be in contact with one another for their energy to be shared. Electricity has to have a physical connection. Superconductors, however, can be located at a distance from each other and still be connected by being in resonance with one another. This means that they function as a single unit. When a person has a perfect superconducting body, they become a light being and their mind is united with other people’s minds. In this case, they know each other’s thoughts and they have a unified mind, heart, and this is a scientific fact.

The Bible proclaims that the man who will cultivate the tree of life, which is referred to as the ORME tree in Hebrew (which is the same name as my patents — I was unaware of the correlation at that time). When my cousin embraced the Morman Church, she had to trace their lineage, and it was discovered that his great, great, great grandmother was Hanah DeVries, daughter of Christopher DeVries, brother of Claude DeVries [as indicated in reference 2, and also in Holy Blood, Holy Grail]. Nostradamus was employed by the DeVries family, and Nostradamus prophesied that by 1999, the esoteric gold will be identified by science.

Religion and philosophy have long faced opposition from science, however, science will ultimately bring the confirmation to the world.

For two millennia, religion has endeavored to bring about change without success. The world is in a poor state, with people’s greed and selfishness taking precedence. The capitalist system, built on these base desires, has run its course. However, science has the capacity to effect real, tangible change in a mere four or five years, should it be embraced by the scientific community. The progress made in this time could be extraordinary.

A major scientific discovery. You can fill yourself with this illumination. In The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, the Qumran society had an iron work in the heart of the city, but you also find out that the teacher of righteousness, which they were fixated on, was not Moses or Jesus. It states that the High Priest takes in the teacher of righteousness. The TR is the divine energy, the TR for the researchers is the light, the zero-point light that is not quantifiable. It is, in fact, the light, the divine source within us. We understand all things. We don’t have to peruse or examine. We just comprehend.

When your spiritual essence surpasses your physical form, nourishment through food is no longer necessary. You will have absolute telepathy. Everyone will be able to recognize the depths of your heart and thoughts, no more secrets or untruths. This is the beginning of the book of light as mentioned in Revelations, “Those who prevail will be given concealed manna and a white stone with a new name”. This transformation is coded into your DNA, awaiting to be unlocked.

It is reported that at 1160 degrees, the white powder of gold converts to becoming a type of gold glass. This glass is comparable to a window pane in its transparency. Additionally, Revelations recounts that “The streets of the New Jerusalem will be lined with an exceptional gold, as transparent as glass, while the foundations of the New Jerusalem will be created with a gold that is similar to glass.”

This is the gold glass, the root of the New Jerusalem. The beginning of our personal and spiritual evolution. This highest light will trigger the reactivation of our DNA and we will return to the state of being we were meant to exist in, before our descent into slumber.

All of the herbs, herbal teas, and vegetables eaten by vegetarians contain these elements in small amounts. Through a lot of hard work, studying, and meditation, similar results can be achieved; however, this is a difficult task to undertake, comparable to that of a Tibetan Monk. It is said that the Keys of the Kingdom are inserted, turned, and can open the doorway to the answer; even though, the choice to step through is entirely up to the individual.

Despite the fact that many individuals are against it, the New World Order has arrived – not the one that George Bush envisioned. It can be a source of fear, yet it is here to stay. Each component of it is now understood by science and the philosophical implications are far-reaching.


Zecharia Sitchin wrote a number of texts concerning the 12th Planet, Stairway to Heaven, Wars of Gods and Men, Lost Realms, When Time Began, and Genesis Revisited, all published by Avon Books in New York between 1976 and 1995.

Gardner’s works on the Bloodline of the Holy Grail, such as the 1996-1997 Barnes & Noble Books publication and the 1999 Bantam Press release, as well as Realm of the Ring Lords from 2000 and most noteworthy, the 2003 HarperCollins London edition, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, were all key contributions to understanding the Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Powers of Gold.

The ability to reiterate ideas in a new way is significant for avoiding plagiarism. To do this, one must alter the structure of the text without altering the context or the semantic meaning. This ensures that the original idea is still recognized while presenting it in a different form.