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Colloidal Gold: Origin and Health Benefits  

In ancient times, gold was used to make Colloidal Gold – a great solution for almost all your health issues. Colloidal gold may seem like an elixir from a harry potter movie, but this nano-sized ruby red liquid holds more than meets the eye. Gold, in general, is known to upgrade our physical well-being and elevate emotional stability. This article discusses its many benefits.

What is Colloidal Gold?

Colloidal gold solutions have nanoparticles in the range of 1-100 nanometres. The nanoparticles are 24-carat gold particles that are suspended in distilled water along with essential minerals.

Colloidal gold shows up as red or yellow and can address health concerns inside and outside our bodies. Their nanosize helps them enter through the cells film and address the issues and ailments our body is suffering from.

What does Colloidal Gold Look Like?

Contrary to its name, colloidal gold is ruby red. But it may change to yellow or purple. The colour changes can occur due to stockpiling, exposure to sunlight or changes in temperature. These factors can be controlled to a certain degree (such as storing it at 4◦C). Nonetheless, they do not affect the makeup or bring changes within the particle/ The effect is only on the appearance.

What does Colloidal Gold Taste Like?

If this is your first purchase, you must be wondering what it tastes like? Is it bitter or sweet? Or perhaps it’s tangy? We’re here to tell you that it tastes like nothing! Yes, it’s tasteless, very much like water.

History and popularity of Colloidal Gold

1857 is the first time colloidal gold made an appearance. Michael Faraday experimented with a gold leaf and stumbled upon a ruby red solution. He coined it “Activated gold” due to its striking properties of light and matter. Since then, colloidal gold and other colloidal systems have been widely used for antigens in biological electron microscopy. Since its discovery, 163 years have passed, and it is still used as an element to relieve our health issues.

Benefits of Colloidal Gold on Skin

Regardless of how you take colloidal gold – through ingestion or external application, it aids in cell initiation and restoration. In our humble opinion, the most optimum utilization of colloidal gold is to take it orally.

For skin colloidal gold is known for its capacity to mend micro-damage. It makes it a sought after ingredient for people with sensitive skin, skin ulcers, and photodamaged skin or hyperpigmentation. Because of its ability to recover cells and restore their elastic properties, colloidal gold is also used to treat several skin ailments such as eczema, fungal infections, rashes and blisters and wounds and burns.

Colloidal gold also helps in restoring your skins’ glow. Its light-reflecting colour causes our skin to become radiant.

It is also anti-ageing. You can apply it externally and see an improvement in your skins elasticity and a decrease in age spots. It is why many anti-ageing creams and commercial skin care products have gold as the chief ingredient. As gold expands the correspondence between synapses, it promotes accelerated cell turnover and revival.

Colloidal gold is also anti-inflammatory. Skin ailments like acne, rashes and burns can be treated and soothed if inflammation is reduced. Unlike other medications, there are no side effects to using colloidal gold.

Colloidal gold also affects hair growth. It is a chief ingredient in beauty items to regrow hair, eyebrow hair and eyelashes.

Rejuvenating Properties of Colloidal Gold 

The use of colloidal gold is known to have a reliving impact on our body, mind and soul. It creates a feeling of positive energy, promotes mental focus and increases willpower.

If you suffer from chills, hot flashes and nightly sweats. Colloidal gold can help restore your body’s internal heat level system with ease.

Colloidal Gold as a Mood Enhancer 

Colloidal gold is a stress buster, an absolute mood enhancer. It helps improve mental and emotional prosperity. Especially for individuals that experience depression, frustration, anxiety and sadness.

Side-Effects of Colloidal Gold

There are no side effects of colloidal gold. Yes, read that again! It is 100 percent safe to use!

How to Use Colloidal Gold

We suggest that 1 to 25 ml of colloidal gold for daily use. It is optimum for general wellbeing and mental clarity. Once you take the recommended amount, swish the liquid in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing it.

According to consumer use and our own research, it is best to take colloidal gold in the first part of your day, which is morning. It might affect your sleep if you take it in the evening. We also recommend that you keep yourself hydrated after ingesting colloidal gold.