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Throughout many centuries, numerous minerals such as gold, copper, and silver have been used to service people medicinally and in practice for therapeutic purposes. In some ancient civilizations, like that, the Egyptians used gold to purify their minds, bodies, and spirit. Countless users of medicinal gold considered it to be the elixir of life as it had advantageous reactions when used to assist in the removal of diseases. Modern use of gold in this way can be obtained through colloidal gold.

Minerals in colloidal form can be obtained by the dispersion of the tiny particles of noble metals like gold, silver, and copper in pure deionized water. Depending on the size and the concentration of the gold particle used, a colloidal gold solution can range in color from a light yellow to light and transparent red or pink. Colloidal gold is quite popular today and particularly beneficial when it comes to relieving an individual of any pain or ailments.

Energy Boost
& Improves libido
Improved Cognitive Function
Anti-Aging & Healthy Hair
Reduce The Effects Of Addiction
Immune System Support
Heals Wounds & Infections

Gold: A Brief History

Gold has been used throughout history to decorate and adorn people and otherworldly items to signify status and affluence. This natural substance has been used in the form of jewelry by individuals dating back to the ancient Egyptians. During this time, Egyptians discovered the many different ways that gold could be transformed and used to benefit them in all aspects of their lives. All over the globe, gold has had its effect on mankind. In areas of early China, small squarely shaped gold pieces began to be used as forms of currency. Although rare, gold was growing fast in popularity which gave birth to the practice of alchemy.

 One of the alchemical theories was the aspiration to transform common metals into rare and valuable gold. Other efforts to obtain more gold resulted in mining to support the increased use of gold as currency. The first time gold was used medicinally was by the Egyptians, possibly 5000 years ago. It was not used therapeutically until the middle ages, when it was discovered how to dissolve gold and access its beneficial medical properties.

Gold: Chemical and Physical Properties

Physically speaking, gold is a yellow and soft, malleable metal usually alloyed to give it any strength or resilience. Topping the scale in beauty and value, gold is a highly sought material in many different industries and companies. It has been divided up for use in the following industries: jewelry, medical, dental, electronics, and financial transactions. Interestingly, gold is used in the electronics industry as a contact metal. Gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity with little to no effects from air and most other reagents.

 Gold may not be the best conductor compared to that copper and silver. It does, however, outlast them because gold does not tarnish and can remain conducive for longer periods. Also, gold is highly reflective of heat and light. For example, astronauts’ visors are coated with an extremely thin layer of gold that is partially transparent. It is very important in space since the astronauts are closer to the sun, but the thin gold coating can reduce any glare or heat coming from the sun. In terms of chemical compounds, gold is composed of auric chloride and chloroauric acid. Colloidal gold is a suspension of gold nanoparticles suspended with an aqueous base like water.

Colloidal Gold: What Are The
Health Benefits?

Anti-Ageing and Healthy Skin

The ability of colloidal gold to reduce the effects of ageing is one of the reasons for its popularity. It can help improve healthy skin and correct age-related damage such as age spots and wrinkles. It also helps in wound healing. This mineral has also been related to good hair growth.

Improves The Mind

So why do people take colloidal gold? What is colloidal gold good for to them? The most common answer is likely for mind support. Colloidal gold is reported to support the mind against depression, anxiety, and stress, as well as support mood, energy, focus and concentration, memory, creativity, and more.

Colloidal gold isn’t like caffeine or other mental stimulants. People describe it more as sharpness or clarity—they talk about colloidal gold like it’s greasing the wheels. The best way to find out what is colloidal gold good for is to take it for yourself for a few weeks to a month and track your feelings!

Mind Body Connection

The support that people describe getting from colloidal gold doesn’t just stop at mental acuity—many use colloidal gold to support or enhance the mind-body connection—strengthening the stitching between thought and action.

Combined with aspects of potential mental support (focus, concentration, memory, creativity), this mind-body support makes colloidal gold good for golfers, soccer players, tennis players, and more. For athletes, artists, and busy professionals, colloidal gold is good for a natural way to get more of an edge.

Improves Body Function

While use of colloidal gold as mind or mental support is widely popular, it also has been used to support the body. While people have advocated for all sorts of uses of gold, the two that stick out through to today are joint support and men’s health.

For people who are looking for gentler, natural ways to support aging joints or inflamed joints, colloidal gold can be a part of your routine.

One of the reasons gold is used on food (when it’s not being taken as health support) is that it’s considered safe, and doesn’t interact with most medications or other supplements—so colloidal gold can be an extra edge to support your joints, for men’s health, and more.